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Maybe we have been looking for each other

Make no mistake – everyone that holds themselves out as a financial/ retirement adviser has (or should have) all of the requisite licenses and has access to all of the same mutual funds, brokerage accounts, annuities, insurance policies, and tools of the trade. The separator is in the relationship between client and adviser, with how well they relate, trust, and communicate. That really is the only difference. There are people for whom my process is not a fit, and I am fully comfortable with that fact. There have been times in which I choose to disengage early in the relationship, as the clients and I do not connect. There have been some very nice people which I have had several meetings, that for whatever reason was decided not to move forward in a business relationship.but for those times where there is a fit, normally it turns into a very long-term relationship. About half of my clients are multigenerational. I truly hope we can meet, begin a dialogue, and see if there is a fit. My sincere hope is that you find an adviser you are able to develop that relationship with.