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Covid Reality Check

| April 16, 2020

We have worked for several years, but we have never seen anything like this. There has never been a
physical/social/financial interruption at this depth and speed.

You perhaps recently came across a statement, and it is probably not good. You have probably either
➢ Seen a statement on a retirement account showing a 10% to 30% drop since the beginning of the year.
➢ Opened a bank statement that proves that there has been a reduction in income, but possibly no change
in spending.
➢ Or, if fortunate not to have a reduction in cash flow but having heard from friends/family/charity that
could really use some help financially.

There is a major difference in seeing news reports about the hundreds of thousands infected by this virus and
realizing how we are affected as individuals. Hearing “we are all in this together” is cold comfort when looking
at something with our own name and address. I do not mean to minimize the actual pain and suffering of those
directly dealing with this disease or those that care for them. This is not a contest of “who hurts worse”, as all
are suffering to some degree.

While we have realized we may have less resources than before, let’s use the one thing we do seem have in
abundance – time.

If you want to invest some of the free time you have in a reality check conversation about how to plan from
where we are right now, I would love to start that conversation over a virtual cup of coffee, in any sort of
telecommunication you prefer.

It is good practice to concentrate on the things we can control. It brings to mind the sailor’s instruction: “While
we can’t change the sea or wind, we can adjust the sails”.

I look forward to our next conversation. Let’s all stay safe, let’s all stay in.

All the Best.

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